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Testing out Japan’s portable no-electricity multi-function washing/drying machine【Pics】

Portable washing machine without electricity "HANDWASH SPINNER"

JAN 4580013540015

1.No electricity is required. So, it is useful even outdoors.
2.Two-speed transmission is installed to achieve clean washing and powerful dehydration.
3.Sink, bathroom or any other locations, wash clothes easily as it weighs only 3.3 lb.

This manual type of small washing machine would solve a lot of bad situations we have experienced when using any automatic types; It is faster, more cost effective and better for environment. Separated from daily laundry, heavily stained clothes or wears of cats and dogs would be well washed and dehydrated. At kitchen, bathroom or outdoor, imagine how to use this simple solution.


user's manual
User's Manual(PDF)

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